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How we work

As a boutique, entrepreneurial consulting firm, we focus on tailor made approaches and have the flexibility, extensive expertise, and commitment towards the innovative leadership that SME’s need.

We like to understand your business and financial plan before we start. Our experience tells us that many SME’s are missing crucial parts of a clear business plan. Therefore we like to understand your vision and mission, your execution strategy and your timeline. Furthermore, we need to understand your team and your client base because we believe how you do business is as important as what and how much you sell. Understanding how you stand out in the crowd is the beginning of innovative business leadership.

Our international network across many industries is one of our biggest assets and consider it fundamental to your and our success. We therefore are able to better consider the big picture and turn actions into customized, sustainable solutions that enable you to achieve your goals.

We invoice our work and do not consider being on your payroll but are a virtual extension of your management team.

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